You can break a cycle of poverty. image

You can break a cycle of poverty.

Empower women and children

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How YOU make a difference

Your donations are bringing health, education, and empowerment to vulnerable women and children in the developing world. Some examples are

  • $ 50 Access to Public School with a Lending Library Unform ( 2 tops/skirts or trousers, shoes, and sweater).
  • $ 75 Light a house with a solar light
  • $100 Provide a woman means to start her business
  • $175 Give a child 1 year of Tumaini Tutored education
  • $250 Delivers medical, dental, and vision supplies to provide Healthcare Outreach.
  • $350 Sponsors a Tumaini Tutor student in public school for 1 year; includes uniform, shoes, backpack, supplies, school fees, transportation, and food!
  • $500 Feeds 35 Tumaini Tutor students a month of nutritious daily meals.

Donations received that exceed the current program’s requirements will be redirected to where it is needed most.

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